3 month coaching review (no exercise/delicious food) - Chris

The following is a client review of my coaching program.

Concerning diet, we are taught in the earlier part of our lives to follow certain guidelines and rules.  While these may have worked for some time, they certainly do not fit the needs of everyone in mass production fashion.  I'm referring to what the government has laid out as the daily heirarchy of macros, also known as the food pyramid, and the recommended daily values.  I made the realization that I've been insane for doing essentially the same thing for the past three decades of my life, expecting different results.  I decided to call upon Gabe for his guidance.

Gabe has opened my eyes to teach me that that which may have worked for centuries, is certainly not the most effective method, which may be outdated, may be to blame for the obesity epidemic in America and is subject to perhaps a long-overdue overhaul.  His advice is expertly tailored to fit my requirements and needs, customized to maximize my gains, or "losses," with goals set in the foreground, distance and also on the horizon.  He makes himself very available and responds with coaching via text on-demand.  He regularly posts articles on his blog and YouTube channel which can help you visualize his angles.  Also, this mindset that he's helped me to adopt has become second nature, like driving a manual transmission car.

He takes an empirical approach with his coaching.  Everything he's instructed me to do, he's tried on not only himself, but also those around him, and succeeded.  I placed my trust in his coaching and hit my personal goals and weight that I have not been able to achieve since I was fresh out of college, about a decade ago.  To be honest, I was initially skeptical that I would be able to hit my somewhat reasonable goals.  However, with his guidance, I dropped from 191 lbs to 170 lbs over the course of 3 months, on his coaching alone.  No exercise.  And, I still ate delicious food.  Food I love that I had previously eaten in moderation for fear of causing high blood pressure or adversely affecting my body composition.  None of that fat-free or low-fat rabbit food crap.  I also still had bouts of binge drinking in between.

Every morning I step on the scale and look in the mirror, I feel accomplished and genuinely happy that I'm trending in the right direction.  To remind myself that this is real life, the pants I used to wear unbuttoned, with a belt, I still wear.  Buttoned.  Shirt tucked in, filling in the space my belly flab used to occupy in my pants.  He modestly insists that he's simply injected "fat burning code" in my programming.

Thank you, Gabe, for being the clutch God-send my body and health really need. As corny as it may sound, you are an angel in this chapter of my bible.