Husband and wife success story

Below is a review of a husband and wife I coached earlier this year. 


I just wanted to say a big thank you to my coach Gabe for getting me through to half of my weight loss goal so far.

Keto meal plan was not an easy beginning but so worth it.  Once I survived “Hell Week” -which really wasn’t that bad with Gabes suggestions and help, it was uphill from there…every time I  had a question no matter the time difference between myself and Gabe he was always quick to respond.  

Gabes confidence in this meal plan is what kept me going, he had answers to every question or fear I had, meal plans, exercise plans, advice regarding PCOS and keto.

Eating high fat minimized cravings while detoxing off carbs and sugar. I really ate a lot more food at first but steadily lost weight. Keep it simple…I ate ground beef and brussel sprouts & taco salad often.

25 Pounds down so far! With the energy I feel while in Ketosis I’m sure it won’t be long before I drop the remaining 25!

I haven’t experienced any negative changes in the 2.5 months  I’ve been at it. Sometimes I get cravings for sugar but Gabe just told me indulge if you really need to and just get back at it tomorrow. Which I’ve done a few times! He let me off the hook and made it possible for me to let myself off the hook so I wouldn’t just give up.

Gabe also helped get my husband off Insulin and other medications for Type 2 Diabetes and helped him lose 30 pounds so far!

I recommend Keto to anyone that’s struggling with PCOS/ fatigue/ type 2 diabetes/ difficulty sticking to certain meal plans or diets. I’ve tried many and can honestly say that this is the longest I’ve stuck to anything…simply because it’s easy and it works!

Thanks Gabe!