I asked Andrew if he would share his story. He sent me this testimony within an hour. I read it like 5 times in a row. Pure joy. Stoked to be doing this type of work.  - Gabe

On January 2nd, 2015 I suffered 3 broken vertebrae, a fractured pelvis, broken radius and a shattered metacarpal after being hit by a Cadillac Escalade, while riding my motorcycle.  After surgery, some titanium screws & rod in my hand and a hell of a lot Percocet I went home in a wheelchair. Doctors told me I would not be able to do all of the physical activities I love anymore.  No skateboarding, no snowboarding, no more motorcycles?  Fuck those doctors!  I had just jumped off the Stratosphere hotel not even 2 weeks prior to this accident for fucks sake.  I hobbled around with one good arm and a cane for over 6 months. I was depressed and medicated on pain pills pretty much every waking hour of the day and boozing every night.  I had alarms set every 4 hours reminding me to pop another pill.  Needless to say this was not a sustainable way of living.  I was overweight, eating like shit and feeling absolutely worthless as a human being.  For my entire life I had been unhappy with my physical appearance and I was finally fed up with what I saw in the mirror.  You could say I hit rock bottom.  I wanted to be healthy and feel confident about my body and I was far from this.  Fortunately, I have some really awesome friends that helped me dig deep in my soul to find the motivation I needed to make changes.  First thing I did was start forcing myself to go to the gym despite being in constant and severe pain.  No pain no gain was a very real thing and I cried a lot after these workouts.  After a few months I stepped it up at the gym and was starting to feel better.  I was still over 200lbs and not eating very well so I reached out to my friends Steve & Gabe for help.  These 2 guys are the most physically fit men I know so it was a simple choice to consult with them for advice.  First, I tried Steve’s low fat diet because it made sense to me.  I was meal prepping and doing well I thought.  Low fat should help me lose weight right?  But, I was always hungry and could not lose weight no matter how much I was working out because I was always eating!  Next I tried Gabe’s high fat diet.  I thought he was insane and this made absolutely no sense to me.  How is eating a high fat diet actually helping me lose weight?  It was a struggle to adjust and I was making no progress but I kept trying as the months rolled on. 

So January 2nd 2016 comes around and a year after being told some bullshit by the doctors I was actually walking normally without a cane and feeling pretty good.  I was still not making any significant progress on my weight loss though.  As the end of April rolls around I was still about 200lbs.  The pain in my back became manageable without Percocet, which I replaced with medical marijuana.  Gym sessions were slacking off as I became frustrated with my high fat diet and the difficulties of avoiding sugar.  I was easily drinking 40oz of RedBull a day.  I still couldn’t do push-ups due to the limited mobility of my wrist.  I was still drinking a loooot of alcohol too.  As my grocery shopping habits began to change I slowly removed all foods containing sugar, carbs and gluten.  I found this amazing rice pasta that tastes great and can make an awesome Paleo Alfredo sauce!  (Raw parmesan cheese, organic heavy whipping cream, grass fed butter, garlic and pepper to taste)  The single hardest thing to cut out of my diet was Redbull though.  That shit was harder to kick then smoking cigarettes!  Sugar is seriously worse than crack!!!!!  It was around this time Gabe showed me intermittent fasting.  This is where shit gets real.  The weight loss began immediately and I became hooked.  3 – 4 days a week I began only eating during the hours of 6pm – 10pm.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner all happens during those 4 hours and I was not even hungry throughout the day.  I began to focus on my diet more and the weight just kept falling off. Gabe said this was when I had become fat adapted.  195lbs came quickly.  Then 185lbs and I was fucking stoked.  I hovered around 185lbs for a month and started to feel like I hit a wall so I went back to Gabe for more help.  I was given a fitness plan and then educated on the 180 method, which I mostly ignored. He wanted me exercising in a specific heartrate for fat burning, which helps with the high fat keto diet. Again, I thought Gabe was nuts (cuz he is) and I completely ignored this 180 method but dialed in my diet even more. I felt things were going pretty good now.  I have energy all day even on days when I fast.  I felt stronger and I was starting to run again but was still feeling stuck on the weight loss.  This was apparently due to the fact I was still doing it all wrong in my workouts.  I tend to learn from my mistakes though so I kept at it.

So it is now July 2016, my diet is on point and I finally began to focus on the 180 method.  In the last 2 weeks I just lost another 10lbs and weighed in at 174lbs today.  I feel fucking awesome and I am starting to look at myself in the mirror and smile.  I feel a lot stronger, I can run a half marathon at any given time and I have started to develop some muscle definition too!  I eat almost anything I want and have virtually eliminated sugar from my life.  The carbs come around occasionally but in moderation and after a heavy workout.  I still drink beer whenever I want to as well.  Gabe says beers don’t count, I love that. I love IPAs so I just workout a lot more to justify that nice cold beverage.  Having accomplished my goal of losing weight I feel ready to take on the next challenge of building up my strength.  I plan to gain some of the weight I lost back as lean muscle now. Next is the Keto Superhero program Gabe has written up.  It’s apparently the high fat diet with a focus on resistance training.  My journey continues and I hope by sharing my experience someone else may find a way to change their life in a positive way.

Andrew Brown – fat kid and proud