FYI, No supplements were used and exercise was not a requirement. He never stepped foot into a gym. This was all done with food. I am excited to see what kind of gains we can make with some strength training. I had fun coaching Tim. I think I learned as much as he did. -Gabe

In Jan of 2016 I found myself at a loss with my health.  I tried many diets and programs and had some success but it always came down to how long I could sustain the restrictions of cutting calories and eliminating the foods I liked  From weight watchers, plant base vegan, and even Atkins they were all a fail for me.  Those diets left me unsatisfied, hungry, and low on energy.  I have a busy lifestyle with lots of demands and pressures, married with four kids, and I’m always on the go, so I convinced myself that I didn’t have time to take care of my health.  The only problem with not taking care of myself is that I had no energy to sustain my lifestyle. Plus I felt terrible about how I looked especially because public speaking is one of the main roles of my job and feeling crapping in front of group of people sucks.  I needed to do something new but didn’t know where to look.

At a conference for work in January I had some down time so I checked out my social media to pass the time.  I saw an article by Gabe called "High Fat Dad Bod” that caught my attention so I gave it a read.  The things in that article blew my mind and sounded to good to be true.  My curiosity just had to know if these claims about the ketogenic diet were true so I contacted Gabe and started his coaching program.

So here’s what I loved about this program:

  • The food is awesome.  I don’t thing you heard me.  I said awesome!
  • No calorie counting…ever!
  • Will power NOT needed. If you feel satisfied all the time not much effort needed there
  • I was finally NOT hungry all the time. Now I get hungry twice a day at most
  • Less time needed making and eating food cause I don’t eat as often
  • Energy sky-rocked after only a few weeks of this eating platform
  • Sleep even got better. Went from 4.5 hours of sleep now getting more like 6-7 hours.  Pain would keep me up every night.

Here’s my results after 6 months of coaching:

  • Lost 55 pounds almost effortlessly
  • Dropped 6 holes on my watch size!!! My inflammation went down in my hands, feet and wrist
  • I had chronic back pain for 15 years! Even got surgery in 2010…it helped a little.  After a month and half of the ketogenic diet my back pain was GONE!
  • Daily blood sugar drastically dropped.  Used to wake up with blood glucose numbers like 120; now I wake up with numbers in the 60’s and feel awesome
  • After 6 months of keto I got my cholesterol and triglycerides checked.  Both improved drastically. My doctor said, “whatever you are doing, keep doing it"
  • Posture improved in a big way 
  • Flexibility improved.  Since I had way more energy and no back pain I had to find a place to use my new pain free energy, so I started working out which helped my flexibility huge.
  • Emotionally I feel way more positive, confident and happy with my appearance

How did I get all these results…Gabe’s coaching bro! This guy was practically available 24/7 to help with all my questions, he constantly had new ideas for me to improve my progress, showed me all kinds of tweaks and tricks that I will use the rest of my life, gave me countless resources to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the list goes on.  He’s not just going to teach you how to eat either.  Working out, posture, mobility, pain relief, sleeping and anything that needs an upgrade. If you are sick of your dadbod/mombod and are needing a change the best thing you can do for yourself is get coaching by Gabe.  Skip that guilty and expensive gym pass purchase in January that you’ll never use anyways cause you don’t have the energy. Check out my before and after pics and you can see what I was able to do in 6 months. SEE YOU IN SHREDSVILLE!!! 

Tim Felker