How a 20 year carnivore cooks ribeye and how to choose who you follow in life

To get good at something quickly, I copy the expert who most fits my context. When I wanted to know how to cook Ribeye, I asked Joe Andersen. Joe has eaten nothing but steak for twenty years. He's the Ribeye master. 

jow andersen cooking ribeye.jpg

The key to lifelong health and happiness in less than 140 characters. I cook steaks this way twice a day on my 17 inch cast iron skillet. Not surprisingly, Joe was right. This is the best way to cook Ribeyes...for me.  

I emulate Joe because I like what he's doing and despite being 60 years old, he looks my age (32). He and his family, who are also strict steak eaters, appear to be very happy. Also, his wife is stunning. Joe is a man who is obviously doing something right. Plus, his boys play my favorite video game, Super Smash Brothers. 

Because he's a Dad, we share similar life priorities, time constraints and restrictions...probably. We're contextually alike. I could have asked Chef Gordon Ramsay how to cook Ribeye and no doubt it would have been delicious. But, would it be "done in 8-minutes-flat" delicious? Would his way be sustainable for 2 steaks a day, every day? Unlikely. Ramsey is a fancy chef and I'm a blue collar grunt. Plus, he's an angry bitch and I have a strict, don't take advice from angry bitches, rule. 

gordon ramsay.gif

Don't take advice from people who live outside of your context, especially if they're unhappy. Unless you want to be unhappy too.

If you're a middle-aged, working, family man with limited free time; don't take fitness advice from a 25 year old, steroid using, single-bachelor who works part time. The disconnect is too great. He will not appreciate your priorities. He is out of your lifestyle context. 

Every diet and exercise program works, to some degree, for some people. When choosing a program,  pick one that works for the type of person YOU are. If you're a Dad and you want to get really strong, it's probably not a bad idea to hire a coach that is also a really strong Dad. Or someone who has a similar lifestyle. He will understand the nuances and restrictions of training as a parent, or student, or diabetic or alcoholic, or whatever niche it is that you occupy. 

Copy, follow and listen to people who you are like or want to be like. 6 meals a day, counting macros and constant exercise works for some people, but that sounds like hell to me.

I don't care how you cook your steak. I don't care if you're vegan and you think I'm the anti-christ. Do what makes you happy. I care about helping people interested in what I'm doing. I care about people in similar situations, fighting similar battles. I care about the young Dads barely holding it together, trying to build something special for their kids. 

Be Strong, Be Sharp, Be Happy

Thanks for fucking donkey,


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