Blueberry Dream Cream: Video

This is my all time favorite dessert. When I first started making this I ate it literally every night and sometimes for breakfast, without gaining weight. 

This isn't just a "not too bad" dessert. This is a powerful addition to your health practice. The wild blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins. The cream is a healthy fat that can sustain long lasting energy. The nuts and seeds provide good protein, fats and a little carb. Even the cinnamon has fat burning effects. Every ingredient in this dessert kicks ass. 

Weight loss - This is calorically dense. It's a hefty meal. Eating it every day will slow your weight loss. If you're not at your target weight, limit this dessert or replace a meal with it. It will fill you up. If you're at your target weight and body composition then endulge. 

When to eat this - I eat this after exercise. Exercise causes more sugar to be stored as glycogen and less of a blood glucose spike. This is a bio-hack I use to continue eating fruit while on low carb or keto. 

Think of your glycogen (stored sugar) as a full bucket of energy in your body. Hard exercise, like sprints or squats, empties that bucket. The body does not like having empty glycogen because we need sugar for emergency explosive movement, like running from a jaguar. If we eat our fruit when our bucket is empty, the sugar goes straight into the bucket to replenish that emergency fuel, rather than straight into our blood stream.

If you're out of cream, heres another variation using raw milk.