Gynostemma MCT Latte

My cousin Steve knows a shit ton about super foods and Chinese herbs. He showed me this tea which I instantly fell in love with. I finished a whole box in a couple days. Its an Adaptogen. Adaptogen herbs help people adapt to stress, physical and chemical. I dont fully understand how this works yet but from what I gather, adaptogens positively infuence the endocrine system...hormones...I understand this may still sound vague, but think of adrenaline for example. Adrenaline is a hormone thats made by the endocrine system and we all know how it can effect the body.  

...moving on...

I used it during a three day fast to stay on point. (click here for that article). Its also shown to be anti-diabetic, improving insulin sensitivity and blood glucose.  Anyway...It makes me happy and calm, plus it tastes really good. The Chinese have been using it for a really long fuckin time. It’s linked to longevity too.

Heres research of its benefits...(click here)

It can be drank straight, but latte style is ridiculous. With the fats added (mct/cream) its a great tool for intermittent fasting, otherwise known as not eating all day. (i wrote about that here)

Use a halfway decent electric blender. I use a Cuisinart hand blender. This part is important for the consistency and flavor.

You can use any MCT oil but I like Keto8. Digests well and provides high energy. Any organic heavy whipping cream will do…the thicker the better, just make sure there's no sugar...sugar sucks.

Simple Instructions: Brew the tea, add a couple tablespoons of MCT oil and a couple of Heavy whipping cream, Blend that shit up, Drink!

The more mct and cream you add the longer satiety lasts. Play with ratios. 

It tastes like a Starbucks green tea latte, but unlike starbucks, its not poison. Makes you feel like a million bucks too. It stimulates fat burning and will make you hyper. Even my lady loves it and she’s a picky, ex-Starbucks, Chai-tea Latte feind. 

I'm obsessed with its flavor and performance benefits. Try it and let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading