Simple Keto Guacamole with cream cheese

Avocados are magical. Especially if you practice a low carb, high fat or ketogenic style nutrition. I put them on everything, or just eat them with salt. They're a perfect whole food. They were my son Bear's first solid food. Theyre never a bad idea. I love them as a pre, intra or post workout meal.

Last week I made some guacamole to share with some friends. It was so good that I've been making back-to-back bowls ever since. Im crushing guac like a madman. I decided to film a video and share with the internet peoples. Feel free to add or subtract whatever ingredients you like and share in the comments.

For the Hard-Core keto'ers: If your goal is to enter ketosis, omit the chips. Use cucumbers instead. One serving (14 chips) of the potato chips used have 17 grams of carbohydrate. To enter and stay in ketosis, most people need to stay under 50 grams (some less) of carbohydrate per day. 17 grams is almost half way there. You'd be better off consuming carbohydrate in the form of dark green vegetables, which have much more nutrition per serving.

CHIPS: I dont eat chips often. They're not that healthy. But they're goddamn delicious and crunchy, so I endulge from time to time. Choose your chips wisely. In my opinion, the worst thing about chips is not the carbohydrate, but the oxidative vegetable oils. In the book PRIMAL ENDURANCE, a doctor is quoted saying "eating refined vegetable oil is as bad as eating radiation, it does exactly the same damage to our cells."

When picking chips, flip that bag over and read the ingredient list. Watch out for canola oil, vegetable oil, or any seed oils. Choose one that uses avocado, olive or coconut oil instead. 

Avoid Corn and wheat: Theres really no good reason to ever eat either of these products. Instead, pick a potato chip, rice chip or even a bean or lentil chips. I've yet to find a decent veggie chip.

This "Sweet Potato" chip actually has more corn and oxidative vegetable oil than actual sweet potatoes.

The chips we chose...they were delicious. 

Stye Points: To avoide eating the entire bag of chips, fill each scoop with as much guacamole as possible. Avocados are filling. I was able to get completely full with only 14 fully loaded chips (one serving/17 carbs). Once I'm full, its easy to put the chips away. This is called "Crowding out"...literally crowd out less nutritions food (chips) with more nutritios food (guacamole), Theres only so much room in the stomach. 

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