Info-graphic comparison of Human, Wolf and Sheep digestive tract (visual learners)

omnivore - herbivore - carnivore comparison chart.jpg

We humans evolved from vegetarian primates. Then we moved out of the jungles into the grasslands and became meat eaters. 

We have changed quite a bit to adapt to our environment but we have both a plant AND meat eating history as a species. As such, we possess biological traits of both the carnivore and herbivore. 

Humans are resilient...antifragil. We can adapt to anything. But what food source are we best adapted to currently? 

We can certainly thrive on plants, animals or both, but with our more recent major shift being from plants to meat, we might be more biologically equipped for carnivory. 

I don't think this info-graphic proves anything either way but it does provide us with some interesting information. Also, I love graphs and charts and wanted to share for those visual learners out there, like me. 

p.s. - I'm skeptical about the "no bacteria" within human GI tract. What we refer to these days as the "gut microbiome" or "probiotics" are generally plant fiber and carbohydrate consuming micro-organisms, within our intestines. 

Removing all plant fiber and carbohydrates would certainly cause a big die off of those microbes which depend on those food sources, but would the carnivore diet eliminate gut bacteria completely? 

I think it would be more of a shift from one gut population to another. If you have info on this I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Also, the jaw movement of humans can be rotary like the sheep, whereas the wolf and other predators are incapable of lateral jaw movement - only up and down. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!