Keto-Adaptation - 4 crucial steps

Keto-adaptation is a three'ish week process in which carb restriction forces the body to burn fat for fuel. This process can be horrible or not so bad. These 4 steps are the key. 

A few products I like for maintaining electrolyte balance:

Nuun Electrolyte tablets - Drop a few of these in your water bottle per day during adaptation.

Epsom salt Baths - I recommend a nightly magnesium soak during the first couple weeks.

Celtic Sea Salt - become a salt monster. put it on all your food. Dont be shy. eat it by itself. dump some in your waterbottle. 

180 Method Resources:

Dr. Phil Maffetone created this method. Hes the man. Heres his book

Polar FT1 heart rate monitor - Use this to maintain target heartrate during exercise.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to post in the comments or email me.