72 Hour Fast: Daily Notes

I convinced some friends to fast for three days. I'm sharing my notes with you here, not that anyone is interested in not eating. My opinion is everyone should fast. Anyone that wants to live a richer life both physically and mentally. When I push my limits, my limits are extended. Level up, heres a log of my latest 3 day fast. 

I wrote about intermittent fasting here

Motivation: Autophagy, ketones, insulin sensitivity, mental toughness, pissing myself off.

Foods allowed: Non-sweetened tea, Black coffee, Salt

Day one: Log

Last meal 7:30 p.m.: Shrimp (cooked in lard, butter and garlic), steak, a massive salad, macadamia nuts, a few beers, 1 tablespoon of Cod liver oil, 1 tablespoon of MCT oil, vitamin K2/D3

Upon waking (5:30 a.m.):

·         Heart Rate Variability: 86 (click here for info on this idea)

·         Heart Beats Per Minute: 49

·         Hunger: none

·         Subjective feeling: Motivated/game face

Breakfast: Black coffee (2 cups)

Fitness (6:30 a.m. public gym): 15 minutes sauna, 15 minutes sub anaerobic threshold jogging (149 beats per minute)

·         For beginners I do not necessarily recommend exercise. I am well “fat-adapted” and can perform just fine without food.

·         By training within my aerobic threshold (sub 149 heartbeats per minute) I get my energy from fat, and spare stored glycogen (carb/sugar/glucose) I think this type of training might boost total fat burning throughout the fast.

Weight (after training): 178lb

Mid-Morning: Americano (espresso/warm water, 2 cups)

Fitness (12:00 p.m. Garage): kettlebell and steel mace functional training (average heartrate – 120 - using polar H7 Bluetooth chest strap heartrate monitor)

·         Again, this was a sub anaerobic (glycogen/carb/sugar) burning exercise. While fasting it is important to not exceed aerobic threshold.

Afternoon: 1 cup black tea

Blood Glucose (24 hours fasted): 67 mg/dl

Watched baby boy all day, visited Scott, ran errands, cleaned house/garage…very productive.

Subjective feelings: Strong, minimal intermittent feelings of hunger. Positive mind frame.


When attempting a fast, avoid thoughts of hunger, or the thought of fasting altogether by staying busy. Have an objective for the day. A “To-Do” list to keep occupied. Do not brood over not eating. When hunger strikes, ask yourself if its hunger or some negative emotion…anxious, stressed, lonely, angry?  We tend to use food to sooth ourselves and distract from our anxieties. Instead of avoiding some mental anguish with eating, face the fear/anxiety head on. Uncover it. Work through it. Notice your “relationship” with food. Hunger may also be simply lifestyle patterns and habits.

Plan accordingly- Don’t be like me and go shopping the day before you begin a 3 day fast. Eat the perishables before so they don’t go bad. I had to prep some food and throw it in the freezer for later this week as not to waste it. 

Day 2 notes

5:00 a.m. (awake)

·         Heart rate variability – 71 (15 point drop from yesterday)

·         Heart beats per minute – 58 (9 point increase from yesterday)

·         Hunger – minimal

·         Subjective feeling – Pretty crappy/tired