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Bear buying grass-fed beef

Bear buying grass-fed beef

Everything changed when my son was born. Having a kid is simultaneously the most terrifying and enlightening experience I’ve known. It feels like falling in love, my first psychedelic experience and the first time I got my ass kicked, all at once…multiplied by infinity. There’s been a massive shift in my perspective. I see myself and the world with new eyes. I suddenly don’t matter that much and it’s awesome. The tectonic plates of my old reality have disengaged and formed a new earth. I’ve been given real purpose and I want to be the best Dad I can be. Ultimate health is my companion in this.

The purpose of this article is to encourage you to make more positive change for what matters most in your life.

In becoming “Dad,” all my goals have taken on renewed meaning. I want success, happiness and vitality for my son’s sake rather than my own. I’m no longer the center of my universe, which is liberating. My family is my reason to become a better person. Apparently I wasnt as good a reason for myself. The shortest path to happiness is making someone you love happy. My son and his Mother seem to be the perfect candidates and health is my sidekick.

Becoming a father, I’ve noticed a powerful motivator for positive change. When we focus on something more meaningful than ourselves the obstacles between us and achievement seem menial. When thinking of my son, my goals suddenly swell with importance. I’ll do anything for him.

I want my kid to have a happy, healthy and active father. I want to be my son’s hero and role model. I want the energy to play with him and the fitness to teach him sports, hands on. I want a sharp and excited mind to show him about this life. I want to pop out of bed with gobs of gusto, ready to teach him to surf. When my kid says “My Dad can beat up your Dad” I want him to be right. I was lucky enough to have a young and active Dad, he was in high school when I was born. I'm 13 years older than my Dad was when he had me, but I intend on raising my boy with as much adventure. 

Whatever your goals are in life, finding meaningful purpose is the fuel and health is your vehicle to achievement. Everything, and I mean everything, is better when we’re healthy. Whether you’re trying to excel in your career, school, relationships or you just want to feel better about yourself, total wellness is the best foundation.

What opportunities would crazy good health give you? What more could you accomplish? What doors would it open? What would simply feeling fucking awesome all the time do for you?

A client of mine recently confessed “I had no idea how shitty I’ve been feeling all these years.”

Awesome health is really not that difficult when you learn the fundamentals. Once you build momentum, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. If you want help, 1st coaching session is free.

“If you don’t take action now, you’ll settle for nothing later” Rage Against the Machine

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