Video: Aggression Circuits At The Home Gym

My girlfriend and I got into a fight and we couldn't reach a mutual understanding. We started raising our voices and I could see it wasn't going anywhere good. I was getting angry.

Our baby was there and he was watching us argue. I didnt want to expose him to that. I could have lost my cool or picked up some beer and checked out mentally. But I made a better decision. 

I was really worked up physically and could feel the aggression building. My anger can become intense if I dont check myself. I felt like I was going to explode. 

I laced up the jumpers, put some house music on and went full chimpanzee at the home gym. I got a pretty good workout and ended up having some fun.

Afterward I felt calm and relaxed. I was able to communicate better. We resolved our dissagreement. 

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