Ending a surf simply because you’re physically wiped out is a bummer…especially when it’s good. The ability to push your body longer and harder in the water means more waves. Build strength and stamina improve as a surfer...


Improve power and stability in your turns with three simple movements

Perform in Tabata protocol to increase aerobic capacity, building stamina for long heavy sessions

Pair with last week’s training to add versatility to your surf fitness

This week’s surf training is designed to improve power and stability through turns and carving by strengthening transverse abdominis and internal/external oblique musculature. All surf training should be programmed to mimic surf movement patterns and these exercises specifically mimic turns.

Turns look and feel beautiful when they’re executed with loads of power. Ripping through a bottom turn and tearing open the face of a wave with your fins is like a Samurai wielding his Katana…If its done with strength. Our internal and external oblique muscles generate the twisting motion needed to perform turns and by strengthening them we improve our power in the lineup.

Slashing a wave in half is only worth it if you can remain stable throughout the turn and finish on your feet. The transverse abdominis is the system of muscles that wrap around the abdomen and spine creating stability. A strong trunk stabilizes our frame, similar to how the glass coat holds our board together. Without solid framework, we lose control and stability needed for powerful surfing.

Pick a variation of this exercise that suits your strength and coordination level and perform it in the traditional Tabata Protocol. 20 seconds on/10 seconds rest, for a total of 4 minutes. Heres a cheesy video of a Tabata you can use to help you get the feel of the timing.

Mix up the workout with last weeks training tip (the Burpee Tabata) for more variation and let us know how many you can do in a row. I was only able to do three, 4 minute sets before gassing out.

Thanks for reading,

Gabe/Quivers HB