You don’t need carbs or sugar for hard exercise. Most fitness professionals would disagree. They’d probably tell you to “Carb Up” before and after workouts. You could do that, I just don’t see any good reason why. Carbs and sugar are simply an obsolete form of energy. They make you fat, hungry, tired and old.

You don’t need pre-workout stimulants either. If you can’t get motivated to complete a killer work without stimulants, something isn’t right. Time to rethink your nutrition game. Sure, stimulants are fun for exercise and I use them from time to time. But chronic use is no bueno for renal function, stress and the old ticker. I have recently been experimenting with Kratom before exercise and having good results. Pre-workout amino acid is a nobrainer.

The argument for carbs is that you need them for energy. And without them you will be sluggish and weak. Anyone who believes this is ignorant to keto adaptation. It is tricky, especially if your goal is size. Wrote about that here.

Teach your body to burn fat for fuel. Then you won’t need anything for kickass training sessions. It makes life, and training, so much more enjoyable, IMO. Plus there’s that whole diabetes thing…you know, that disease effecting half of America? It’s caused by carbohydrates and sugar. My grandpa has it, and it sucks.


Anyway, here’s a video of what it’s like to train without carbs. I included before and after measurements of my blood glucose. Yeah, I’m never getting diabetes.

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MSP (Maximum Sustained Power) Training - In a nutshell, this style training is around 75% of your 1 rep maximum. Perform 3-4 sets with 5,3,2,2,2,1 reps. Allow for 20 seconds of rest between each cluster set. I earned this programming from "Primal Endurance"


Set 1:

5 reps; 20 sec rest; 3 reps; 20 sec rest; 2 reps; 20 sec rest; 2 reps; 20 sec rest; 2 reps; 20 sec rest; 1 rep 

Sets 2-4 are exactly the same.