Testing for Ketones with the Ketonix - Video

I've always loved science. I'm a nerd at heart. When I was a little boy I had this microscope and I would look at all kinds of stuff I found outside. Science is cool. 

Bio-hacking my health is how I geek out nowadays. Testing for ketones and blood glucose. Conducting experiments for increasing strength and endurance. Using strange compounds for sleep or mental performance. I love it!

In this video I'm testing for Ketones in my breath using the Ketonix breath analyzer. Years ago I bought their first model and used it to help guide me into the ketogenic diet. I would eat foods then test to see if they were ketotic for me. 

ps - I have an extra ketonix for sale. 

This method and testing blood are the only reliable methods for accurately testing for ketones. No, the urine ketostix do not work. If anyone tells you to use these they dont understand ketosis. Hire a new coach.

The point of ketosis is to actually metaboize ketones, not pee them out. So technically if you get a high readong of ketones on your urine strip you're kind of wasting them. That might be a sign youre not well fat adapted. 

Anyway, if you're interested or have questions feel free to his us up in the comments. Or if you live locally and want to come test for ketones let me know I have plenty of brand new mouth pieces.